Doing some spring cleaning and need a place to drop hazardous items? The Solid Waste Disposal Authority has you covered.


HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Since we are officially in spring, many people may be cleaning around the house or garage; and if you’ve been holding on to items such as old electronics or automotive chemicals, Saturday is the day to get rid of them safely!

The Solid Waste Disposal Authority is holding an event to help dispose of items toxic to the waste stream.

Items such as paint, lawn poisons, electronics, car chemicals, household cleaners are considered toxic because they could pollute the ground and water, as well as local sewage treatment plants and even storm drains if not disposed of properly.

Saturday’s disposal event runs from 8 a.m.-noon at the Household Hazardous Waste Facility, located at 1055 A Cleaner Way in Huntsville (the turnoff for A Cleaner Way is just north of Huntsville Animal Services on Triana Boulevard).

Officials say if possible, bring your waste in their original containers. If those are damaged, though, be sure to put the item in a box lined with 2 garbage bags or a container with a lid.

Note: SWDA does not accept explosives, radioactive or biological waste.

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