Does your vehicle have a winter emergency weather kit?

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Up north people are used to seeing a lot of snow, but in the south we don’t get as much. Though sometimes, we do get some of that white fluffy stuff, HEMSI spokesperson Don Webster said this is why it’s best to be prepared. He said everyone should have an emergency kit.

During the winter months an emergency kit for your car would include things like blankets, extra clothing, and a flashlight. Webster said sometimes people can get stranded in their car over night; and could potentially experience hypothermia. “People have run off the road before, and just decided to curl up in the back seat of the car,” Webster explained.

He said drivers should add medications and first aid items to the kit as well. Weather conditions in the south are bad, but not as bad as the north. He said if people are traveling up north, that’s when kits will come in handy more. “You may not be stranded, but you may be in slow-paced traffic, and be moving a mile every hour and get cold,” Webster said.

He said something else people need to remember during the winter months is that hypothermia can occur. “When the body gets below  96 degrees Fahrenheit, it is experiencing hypothermic type situation,” Webster said.

He said more times often than not they respond to hypothermia cases. “It can be in the low 40`s and people can be exposed outside all night long, and not have the proper clothing. They can experience hypothermia”, Webster said.

The symptoms of hypothermia include your body going numb, lost of sensation, and you can become sluggish. He said cold weather emergencies don’t happen often in the Tennessee Valley, but when they do, HEMSI is prepared.

If you would like to make your own winter emergency kit you can, but you can buy a completed one. There are several places online to purchase them, including The American Red Cross. To view their kit click here.

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