‘Doctor Who’ Fans Meet This Weekend In Huntsville


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Photo Gallery: Doctor Who Convention in Huntsville

The first Doctor Who Convention in North Alabama, 'Con Kasterborous', began Saturday at the Holiday Inn at Research Park, near Madison Square Mall.

Bonnie Auten of Madison organized the meetup with three other local people.

She started watching the hit BBC show about a year ago, and said she was immediately hooked.

"It's one of those shows that you can't walk out of the room for two minutes, or you'll never know what's going on," said Auten.

"The first time I watched it, it was really weird, but I loved it."

Auten helped her daughter plan Persacon, an Anime convention, for nearly a decade.

"[My daughter] decided she wasn't going to do that anymore, and someone walked in to her convention dressed as one of the Doctors and we said that's it, we have to do a Doctor Who convention."

Judson Hudson said he doesn't really like Anime, but thought he would go in costume so he dressed as the Tenth Doctor, played by David Tennant.

The doctor is around 900 years old, and regenerates in a new body whenever he becomes too weak to survive.  It allows the show to change actors without ending the series.

Matt Smith currently plays the eleventh version of the doctor, and the storyline allows for 13 regenerations.

"Someone dragged me and said you have to watch this show, it's the most amazing thing," co-coordinator Stacey Krakus said.

"It's funny, it'll scare you, it sometimes makes you cry, and from 2005 after, I can't watch anything else."

That was the first new season in 16 years, and this year marks Doctor Who's 50th anniversary on the BBC.

It premiered in 1963 and ran continuously until 1989 before the 2005 reboot.

The Anime conventions had good attendance, but coordinators didn't know what to expect for Doctor Who.

"When we first started talking about this, we crossed our fingers and said please let 50 people register," Auten said. 

They hoped another 50 people might show up at the door.

It took 10 minutes from the online launch to get their first registration.

That number grew to 155, and they probably had just as many buy tickets at the door on Saturday.

There are a number of events planned in the Doctor Who theme, but one was a big surprise for all but one of the guests.

Charles Samuel, dressed as the Eleventh Doctor, proposed to Bess Gutenstien next to a Dalek.

Fans of the show know the doctor usually has one or two humans with him, called companions, and Samuel now has his own companion for life.

The convention is named after Kaster Borous, the constellation that includes the doctor's home planet, Gallifrey.

The main room for the convention, 'Heart of the TARDIS', is named for the blue police call box Doctor Who uses as a spaceship and time machine.

TARDIS stands for Time And Relative Dimension In Space, and there are several full size TARDIS displays for photo opportunities.

There are also guest speakers, presentations, and games.

The event continues Sunday, and you can find more information at the convention website: http://conkasterborous.wordpress.com.

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