District attorney discusses justice system at NAACP town hall

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. –  Many are demanding answers in the aftermath of the Madison officer-involved shooting that killed 39-year-old Dana Sherrod Fletcher. Some people are asking if the local NAACP can help the community understand where the justice system stands during situations like the officer-involved shooting. The Huntsville/Madison County NAACP President, Jerry Burnet, says he wants to help the public understand the justice system. “We want to get a general understanding as to the investigation process, the use of deadly force, and what should the public expect from law enforcement.” The Madison County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the officer-involved shooting and gave WHNT News 19 a response to the NAACP’s town hall.
We hope that with the DA’s Office making an effort to educate the community it will bring a better understanding and peace of mind to the community. Education is always a good thing and the more the public can learn about how law enforcement investigations work and how the law pertains to them, it only makes our community better.

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Burnet agreed with the sheriff’s office and says he liked the response. Burnet says the NAACP decided to hold the town hall after people called the office asking how they were handling the investigation. “You can’t represent the family if the family has not contacted you so what we can do, is hold the justice system accountable,” he says. Because education is power, the community will be able to have an informed expectation from law enforcement. “I hope the people take away an understanding as to what to expect from the justice system,” says Burnet. “This is a nation of laws, I say prove it. It shouldn’t matter what color your skin is, you know we should all have equal protection under the law.” Burnet adds that the town hall is the first step in a bigger picture. “Figure out what it is that’s causing so many young black men to be killed by police officers and what should we do to follow up on it to make sure that it does not continue to happen,” he says.

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