District 4 County Commissioner Phil Vandiver gives update on new Monrovia High School

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MADISON COUNTY, Ala. - A $46 million project is stuck playing the waiting game. The new Monrovia High School is ready to start construction, but there's still some red tape they need to go through first. District Four Madison County Commissioner Phil Vandiver has an update on the long-awaited Monrovia High School in his area.

"My understanding is now they're getting the bids for the land prep and then they'll be turning that over and trying to come up with the schedule of when they can start the land prep and move forward with that."

Commissioner Vandiver said he wants to get started on breaking ground as soon as possible and is interested to hear from the school board about a projected start date.

"I was hoping that we could go ahead and move forward with the dirt work, it's been the perfect summer to do the dirt work, its been dry. If we can get that moving as quick as possible and then make the final decisions on the school I think that'd be the greatest thing," he said.

Vandiver said they look forward to the opportunity to be a player in where people choose to move back in to the county.

"We look forward to getting that going. We're proud that the budgets are moving positively, and we can help send more money to the school board so we can help them fund the things that they need to do and get our kids a great education and get the school system of Madison County moving forward again," he said.

As of right now, the school board is waiting on the Department of Justice to approve its recommended zoning lines. Once the board hears back on that, they will be able to begin construction.