District 1 city councilman Devyn Keith committing to his district in a unique way

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — At a local town hall, one Huntsville citizen made the point that the only time she sees politicians in her neighborhood is during election season.

District 1 city councilman Devyn Keith took that to heart, in a unique way. He decided to move in. Over the next four years Keith will live in four different neighborhoods in his district. “It takes a village” is a mentality he knows well.

“I am a village kid. District 1 built me, so having a chance to come back to that village in a sense and be a part of that process to help build up the kids, as well as build the village that built me, is a unique opportunity,” he said.

Starting with Terry Heights, from February to February he will also move to North Woods, Glen Park, and Meadow Hills.

“We have the ability to affect people’s every day life with the stroke of a pen. So we should understand those individuals that are most disenfranchised and most marginalized, that we represent,” he explained about the move.

Now, he will understand firsthand. The election is over. Keith doesn’t need the votes. That’s not why he’s doing this, he’s doing it because he cares about supporting his community.

“Increase the property value, decrease the crime, and overall change the social norm, the social views of those areas in a positive light,” he said.

To his new neighbors, Keith said, “I love cookies, if you want to bring some cookies.”

But, on a serious note, he said he wants to improve the quality of life in these communities. And the people who know how to do that best are the ones who live there.

“So let me know your concerns, let me know your cares. If we can meet half way, city hall and citizen, we can have a better community together,” said Keith.

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