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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — After a grave marker was found near some railroad tracks, the Huntsville community and Madison County Sheriff’s Office are working hard to find where the displaced marker belongs.

While railroad work was being done near Cleveland Avenue, someone stumbled upon a grave marker that definitely didn’t belong there.

The person who found it posted a photo to Facebook noting that it was a marker for a World War II veteran– Army Private “Bennie L White”– and commenters went to work trying to find where this marker belonged.

“It’s a good feeling to know that we’re that type of community and we have people that care so deeply that they go to the extent they do to try to help us locate where this marker supposed to be at,” said Lt. Donny Shaw with the Madison County Sheriff’s Office.

The sheriff’s office took the marker in as evidence.

“We have an investigator that is assigned to try to locate where this grave that the plaque was removed from,” Shaw said.  “Unfortunately we’ll have people that steal precious metals, copper and other metals, from the gravesites.”

It’s common for these thieves to sell these metals to scrap yards or pawn shops, but officials don’t think this is the case in this situation.

As far as how it ended up at the railroad tracks– that may always remain a mystery.

“We don’t believe the plaque came from a grave in Huntsville, or Madison County or the surrounding areas,” Shaw said. “It’s possible that this marker may have come from a location in Ohio. We’re working with Berryhill Funeral Home to do some things to verify that.”

Once the Madison County Sheriff’s Office does find where it belongs they’ll work with veterans services to get it back to its rightful resting spot.