Discovery Middle School students provide Christmas joy at Morris Elementary

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. —  Santa led the train of volunteer elves from Discovery Middle School to deliver some Christmas joy to kindergarten students at Morris Elementary Friday.

The mission involved handing out 83 stockings and an equal number of teddy bears to the students.

This was the third year that Discovery Middle School math teacher Anthony Graham has led the giving effort for Morris.  Discovery students and members of RUFF – Ready yoUrself For the Future — the group Graham founded, provided the Barbies, Matchbox cars, candy and footballs in the stockings. Kay Jewelers donated the teddy bears.

“Just giving to these young kids at Morris Elementary,” Graham said. “We wanted to cross the border lines between Madison and Huntsville, just to show them from Madison City Schools we really respect what they’re doing here.”

Morris Elementary Principal Patty Boyd said her students have been thrilled by the generosity.

“It brightens up all of our children’s faces of course, because they’re so excited about the season,” she said. “Also it helps our parents out. Some of our parents are struggling parents you know, financially, so this really just helps them too.

“It’s just such a warm, giving spirit.”

Graham said he hopes the effort will give his students a better understanding of the world they live and a clearer picture of their own lives.

“They come here they see what young kids don’t have,” he said. “Appreciate what you have and give back to others.”

Discovery students were joined by Santa Claus in the classrooms Friday. Some students carefully picked through the prize, marveling at each discovery. A few students dumped the contents on their desk clearly delighted. Many students gave their new bears a fierce hug.

Boyd said the Graham’s students are learning a great moral lesson through their. Her students learn from the experience as well, she said.

“To be generous to each other,” she said. “If you notice when we went into the classrooms there wasn’t anybody, no one was fighting over any toy or anything like that. They were all genuinely happy with whatever they received.

“And they were so happy to see what others received.”

Graham said they’ve already committed to visiting Morris again next Christmas.