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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – A Birmingham native, advocating for public transportation, is using his coding abilities to track Huntsville city buses in real-time.

Marcus Dillavou created an app called “Go Huntsville,” and it’s free.

You can download the app in your Apple or Google Play Store. Passengers can check the estimated time of arrival for buses and monitor the routes just like on Uber.

Dillavou said he originally created the app for himself but saw how it could help riders across Alabama.

“I realized public transportation is such a critical part of how cities work and here in the U.S. we unfortunately just don’t really have that infrastructure and society hasn’t done a good job embracing our public transportation,” Dillavou said.

Dillavou already created live bus tracking apps for Birmingham, Montgomery, and Mobile. He said he’ll target Tuscaloosa and Auburn next. Those apps should go live within the next month.