Demonstration planned in Huntsville against controversial new abortion law

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – A group of women are planning a demonstration on the grounds of Campus 805 in Huntsville on Sunday to protest the Alabama Human Life Protection Act. It is called My Body, My Choice. They say it is planned in solidarity with a Montgomery event, the March For Reproductive Freedom.

Details on the Huntsville demonstration are still scarce because the co-organizers are still working it out.

“This literally came together at midnight last night,” said Kristine Mears, one of those co-organizers. “We were all just together, talking about our feelings and how just mad we are.” She said that’s how the idea was born. They are calling for those who feel the same to speak up and show up to the event.

“I think it’s very important to show that women across the state are angry and we are not going to stand for it. We are going to let our voices be heard,” she explained. “This feels like a complete attack. I really feel like most of the women I’ve talked to have agreed it makes us feel like people don’t care about us.”

At the time of this post, nearly 600 people responded to the Facebook Event page that they would attend.

“The amount of the community [support] and the shares– it’s incredible,” Mears said. The group is calling those who feel the same to speak up and show up. They’re still working out details, including getting the necessary permits. Attendees are encouraged to make signs and bring them.

The organizers urged people who attend to bring signs. They say men and children are welcome.

“Stand in solidarity. If it’s something that you believe in, something that’s important to you, come and stand with your brothers and sisters. Even if it’s just to show support,” Mears said.

Meanwhile, the ACLU of Alabama is already putting together a lawsuit to try to keep the abortion law from going into effect.

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