Delivery driver thought to have stolen groceries from a nurse, comes forward, explains flaw in system

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – When Walmart initially refused to issue a refund or simply refill a lost grocery order totaling $163, Jennifer Lilly, a nurse fighting COVID-19 reached out to NEWS 19 to help find answers.

Lilly’s Walmart app told her the order was close, only the driver, Hailey, never dropped it off. For Lilly, the issue was more about how Walmart handled the situation and withheld information on their 3rd-party delivery service. Walmart initially told Lilly they don’t take responsibility for their 3rd-party partner and that she would have to reorder, only getting the delivery fee waived.

Walmart tells NEWS 19 the local store made a mistake and the situation was not handled correctly.

So what happened exactly? All Lilly knew is that her drivers first name was Hailey and she drove a Hyundai Sonata. Walmart launched an investigation following NEWS 19’s first report.

Before Walmart updated NEWS 19, Hailey actually reached out to us and explained what happened.

Hailey says she was close to Lilly’s house when her delivery app said she had to return to Walmart. Hailey says when colder items are out too long, Walmart will swap the items for fresh items. Often times drivers take several orders. In this case, a timer for the cold items in Lilly’s order went off. Hailey returned to Walmart. No one contacted Lilly about what happened.

“The hours and hours I spent on the phone with Walmart on 72 and dealing with corporate. They should have one policy if something happens. Do the right thing,” said Lilly.

In a bit of a twist, Hailey is also nurse in Huntsville.

“I don’t hold her to be responsible. It’s just a lack of communication. Walmart should do better,” said Lilly.

For Hailey, it was hard to silently watch the first report spread all over the country. Initially she worried someone would connect the dots with her first name and her car. Some of her friends did just that. Walmart and their 3rd-party cleared Hailey, allowing her to return to the job.

A spokesman for Walmart says it will take this opportunity to “get better.” The company refilled Lilly’s order and gave her a $100 gift card for the trouble. Meanwhile, countless people have come forward expressing similar problems with Walmart’s delivery service.

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