Deliberations resume Tuesday in Madison Officer’s federal trial

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Eric Parker’s first trial lasted two weeks.  The retrial has taken half as long, with both the prosecution and defense wrapping up their cases Friday morning.

After court recessed for lunch Friday, both sides presented closing arguments. The jury then got the case and began deliberations. Jury members returned Monday for a full day of deliberations without coming to a decision.

Monday, during deliberations, the jury watched the video of Officer Parker’s takedown of Sureshbhai Patel. Deliberations continued until around 4:20 p.m.

Parker was on the stand for two hours Friday morning.  He said he didn’t mean to hurt Patel when he took him down in February. Patel was walking in a Madison neighborhood and did not speak English, saying so when officers approached him.

Parker said he warned Patel not to pull his hands away, but when he did, Parker said he was afraid Patel had a weapon.

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