Decades of memories stolen from a local man after a thief broke into his car

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — A Huntsville man is pleading for his hard drive to be returned. He said it's not the hard drive itself that`s so important, but the content on it, his family pictures.

Ric Solis's family is important to him. Facebook photos capture the love he has for them, but Solis no longer has back up copies because someone stole the hard drive he was storing them on.  "Security told me somebody found my backpack with the contents thrown all over the parking lot," Solis explained.

Solis works for Huntsville Hospital. He said at some point over the weekend someone broke into his car and stole his belongings. He said the thief took a lot of valuables like his camera and laptop.

He said for some reason the thief dumped some of the valuables, but kept other items. "There are a couple of other things I can't find, like my travel phone, but really the only thing I can't replace is the hard drive of the pictures," Solis said.

Pictures of his daughter as a baby and his father, who died three years ago.

Decades of memories gone forever. "I don't carry my hard drive in my car usually, but I had it with me because I was taking it to get an online backup and to get some of the pictures printed," Solis explained.

He wants the pictures back and would like for the thief to return the hard drive to him. "I really would hate to lose access to those memories. My daughter is heartbroken cause all her baby pictures are gone," Solis said.

He wants the missing hard drive returned to fill the void left in his broken heart. If you have any information regarding the hard drive contact Ric. He can be reached at (256) 384-5839 or at

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