Dealing With Road Rage

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Road Rage incidents happen often, but they can be prevented and avoided. "The best thing for you to do is to just not get involved in it. Don`t stop, keep going. You get on your phone and call police," HPD's Lieutenant Stacy Bates said.

But when you hit the road there's always the possibility of encountering road rage. It has happened to some people in Madison County.  "I`ve had somebody flip me off and stay on their horn. You can also see them screaming," Tammy Owens explained.

"I`ve seen instances with my parents. They have had instances where people will like flag them down, pull them over, and try to confront them," Madison County resident Charlie Gillis said.

Lt. Stacy Bates said road rage is anything that sets a driver off while they are behind the wheel. He said take a minute to think if participating in road rage is worth it? Thinking about it is something Owens and Gillis do.

"First pride kind of kicks in and you are just like how can they do that? But then you have to understand sometimes I may have been in the wrong, maybe I deserve it, maybe it shouldn't of happened. But at the same time you have to give them grace, like you would want them to do," Gillis explained.

HPD says if you ever find yourself dealing with an aggressive driver be the bigger person and don't engage with them; simply call police.

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