HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) — Meteorologist Jessica Camuto took the opportunity Wednesday to spend ‘a day in the life of a firefighter’, but you can make it your career.

Huntsville Fire and Rescue (HFR) is holding a recruitment campaign through June 2nd. With the continued growth of Rocket City, there is more need for new recruits.

On Wednesday, HFR held a day in the life of a firefighter at Station 1 in Huntsville. This event was held to give those considering joining the team a firsthand look at what you could experience.

Jessica relived her days as a volunteer firefighter in New York and tested her skills to see if she would make it as a recruit for HFR. She put on turnout gear, pulled and sprayed the hose, rode in the fire truck, and took a tour of Station 1.

When it came down to putting on the gear, Jessica said it was just like riding a bike, it is just something you don’t forget. Once that ‘call’ came in, you were given a minute to get suited up, Jessica completed it in 38 seconds!

HFR Captain and Lead Recruiter Cory Green say no day is ever the same, but it is one of the reasons why he loves the job. He also says one of the most important parts of the job for him is helping people in their worse state and being there to make everything better for them.

It’s a big brotherhood, sisterhood, we’re like family so we are here 24 hours a day and we try to make it a family basic station for each other.

Cory Green, Huntsville Fire and Rescue Captain and Lead Recruiter

HFR says in order to apply candidates must be 18 years old, have no felony convictions, and possess a high school diploma or GED. While there are many pay and medical benefits to joining HFR, the most rewarding thing is helping those in the community who may need it the most.

Anyone interested in joining the fire department can find more information here.

How The Summer Heat Impacts Firefighters:

With the meteorological first day of summer being just a week away, June 1st, that means the summer heat and storms aren’t that far behind. We all have to find ways to keep cool during the extreme heat to prevent heat illness and the members of HFR are no different.

Huntsville’s Assistant Fire Marshall Trent Bennett says the best way firefighters prevent heat illness is by hydrating before, during, and after their shift. This is especially the case when it comes to fighting structure fires, as they could easily lose 50 to 80 ounces of water once in their gear.

Typically, we can just come down to our t-shirts and while we are getting into our turnouts it can keep us a little bit cooler. Also rotating each other out so if we have enough manpower, we have one crew that may be in the fire, we have another crew on standby because you are not going to be able to work too long in those situations.

Trent Bennett, Huntsville Assistant Fire Marshall

As we know, during the summer along with the heat, severe storms could pose a threat for residents in North Alabama. Trent says if severe weather develops, the department will have extra equipment on trucks and teams on standby in case they are needed.