Data suggests Huntsville on track to outgrow the largest cities in Alabama


City park in Huntsville.

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - If you've lived in Huntsville for the past few years, you might agree that it's growing. New developments every day, more businesses setting up shop in town, and more people on the roads.

Recent estimates published by the U.S. Census suggest Huntsville is growing and is on track to be the largest city in the state in just a few years.

While that sounds good, Mayor Tommy Battle said that's never been the goal.

"Our goal has always been to be the best city that we can be. Being the biggest, that may come when you achieve the first goal, which is being the best," explained Battle. "That may come with it. But its more important to be good than to be big."

Battle said a city must offer beneficial resources to citizens in order for continued success.

"We're growing, we're thriving but even bigger is someone can get a job here and its a good paying job. And we can provide families the ability to put food on the table, put a roof over their head," he added.  "That's the biggest satisfaction that you get out of this."

He said it's then that citizens feel compelled to pour into and enhance their own communities.

"The most important thing that people do as they give back to the community is they put a good face on the community, they volunteer, they give back, they work at the Manna House, they work the Breaking free mission. They work and they do something that makes our community a special place," explained Battle.

Huntsville is growing more attractive to outsiders but that presents the challenge of sustaining the population growth.

Battle said that's one reason city officials have been so happy to see new business ventures that bring employment opportunities to the area.

"We can support people and people can have jobs here and they can be part of our economy and they can prosper."

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