Dark Side Coffee now open in north Huntsville


HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – A first in its neighborhood – locally owned Dark Side Coffee is opening Monday in north Huntsville.

Some say good ideas start with coffee. Huntsville City Councilman and Co-owner of Dark Side Coffee agrees. He describes their coffee as one of a kind, “Unique dark roast with a unique dark sauce in house sauce that is a sweet sauce and we create and we create a warm savory sweet strong bold coffee.”

Growth is all over the room, literally. There are many plants in the building inspiring those who visit to get creative and think about the future. Growth is also something the owners hope to bring to this area of the city. “About a year and a half ago we sat together in my living room and we just discussed opportunities where we could invest and help revitalize what is going on in northwest Huntsville,” says Keith.

Keith and his business partners say the location hindered the launch the shop. “As we went to banks, as we went to investors, there were issues where people believed that a place like this could not be successful. That a business like this would not be successful in this environment. So we had to make a believer in ourselves as well as our community,” says Keith.

Their belief, the drive to improve north Huntsville and help from the community brought them to where they are now — the grand opening.

“We know that this coffee shop is not ours, it is the community’s. The community wanted a space they could be treated with respect, they could be open, they could bring individuals to and be proud of,” says Keith

Keith and his partners hope their shop may inspire other entrepreneurs to bring more own businesses in the area. In fact, those interested are encouraged to contact the North Huntsville Business Association for sponsorship opportunities.

Their hope is that a cup of Joe at Dark Side Coffee will fuel a change that will last longer than any caffeine rush.

The coffee shop is located at 2007 Memorial Parkway NW.

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