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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — The canceling or postponing of dance recitals and dance competitions have hit the dance industry pretty hard. Because of the lack of dance wear purchases, local dance wear shops are feeling it, too.

“It’s tough,” said Bloom owner, Patty Miller. “It has been scary. The dance industry has come to an abrupt halt. “

Most dance studios follow the school calendar. With school out for the pandemic, dance studios are also out, and spring recitals have been postponed or canceled.

Miller says recital season is where her dance wear shop makes the largest profit.

“Everyone comes right before recital to get shoes and tights and everything that these dance studios require,” said Miller. “That’s when my store does most of it’s business. So when you cut that out, and you don’t have that time before those recitals, it really takes a hit on your business.”

The dance wear manufacturing business is hurting too. One of Bloom’s wholesale dance companies, Eurotard Dancewear, is adjusting to the times my making and selling masks.

“They are making an all cotton, 100% cotton mask,” said Miller. “It’s a double layer, has two ties that tie on the top and the bottom. Three different sizes: small, medium, and large.”

In one day alone, Bloom sold over 100 Eurotard face masks. They have a discount code that saves customers 10%, and helps their closed business make a small profit.

Miller says Bloom has a bit of cushion, but like most small businesses, it’s very little. “So everybody is just kind of on edge waiting, and I’m just praying that we will open soon and that these kids can get their dance recitals back. It breaks my heart.”

You can place an online order for a mask on the Eurotard website, and use Bloom’s discount code: 98-BLOOM- for 10% off.