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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — A small but passionate crowd gathered in Big Spring Park Saturday to show their support for DACA and Dreamers. And though it wasn’t a large crowd, they are still making sure their voices are heard.

For Monica Evans, the DACA rally is a way for her to show her support to the dreamers who came to this country when they were children. Kids who have never been back to their birth country since then. For them, this is home, and this crowd is fighting for that.

“The idea that those people would be just kicked out of our country, and thrown away as if they hold no value at all, when essentially they are as American as any of us are,” said Evans.

Chad Strickland held a sign up that read, “‘Esta pais es tu pais’ which in Spanish means ‘this country is your country.'”

Strickland said he views the issue as a moral issue. He felt he didn’t have any choice but to come to the rally.

“The way that America is supposed to work is that we the people have the power, and I’m trying to set a good example and show that we can make change as individuals if we come together as a group,” he explained.

Yenipher Soriano is a dreamer herself. She said she hopes DACA stays in place, but she’s also hoping for something more stable.

“You know the Dream Act, there’s several that have been proposed. So our objective is for them to give us something permanently, and not just a deferred action like we have now,” she said.

She said seeing the community gathered for their cause gives her hope.

“I was really surprised because there was a lot of people, not just Hispanic people, there was a lot of other people who came out here to support us as well,” Soriano said.