LIMESTONE COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) — Two men were injured in a suspected hit-and-run Friday afternoon. They and their families have expressed disappointment to News 19 that the driver who hit them hasn’t turned themselves in yet.

Huntsville Police Department said in a statement that a driver fled the scene on Swancott Road near Rockhouse Road around 5:30 p.m. Friday in Limestone County.

Courtney Cote and riding partner John Beck said they regularly train for cycling races around the Huntsville area, a passion of theirs going on five years.

“We were training for the Heel & Crank Duathlon here in a couple weeks so we were riding the bike course that we’ve done probably several dozen times before,” Beck said.

But with only a few miles left to pedal, the two said a vehicle slammed into them from behind while the bikes were going about 20 miles per hour.

“Literally a boom, and then I was flying through the air and tumbling, and ended up laying on the road,” Cote said. “It hit directly from behind, and hit right into the rear tire.”

“And I got back up. I was very fortunate. I got a big bruise on the right side of my body and that’s it,” Beck added.

On top of a busted brand new bike, Cote suffered a broken clavicle among other lesions, and was rushed to Huntsville Hospital’s trauma unit.

As for the vehicle that hit them?

“I honestly have no idea,” Beck said. “I was hit from behind by Courtney and I was on the ground and I’m probably looking (to the side). I don’t have any recollection of any vehicle going by.”

However, Beck later came across front bumper parts to a silver Chevy close to where they were hit.

Now with bandages and front bumper parts, the two rattled cyclists just want accountability.

“I think once the word gets out to all the cycling groups and stuff that if that individual’s out there, they’ll be identified,” Cote said.

“Clearly this is a crime when somebody does a hit and run. I would’ve just hope somebody would’ve stopped and said, ‘Hey I’m sorry, can we help you?’ And they just kept on going, so that’s the disappointing part of this whole thing” Beck added.

Cote said he hopes to get back to riding this summer for future races, and that folks on the roads west of Huntsville International Airport will drive more responsibly so stories like his don’t repeat.

Huntsville Police ask if anyone has information that could help find the driver who struck the cyclists to please call (256)-722-7100.