MADISON COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) — The Crisis Services of North Alabama Domestic Violence Responder Provider Program encountered 216 adult victims in August.

And they continue to provide ample resources for those who have survived or are currently in a domestic violence environment.

“They can come here and see one of our forensic nurse examiners. They will look at any bruising that’s on the body, any scrapes or scratches, anything that the abuser has done to that person that’s used as evidence,” said Development Manager Karen Gann.

“Strangulation is a big thing in domestic violence around here. It’s like exploded around here as the thing we’re seeing a lot of when people come in. And what happens when someone is strangled, the bruises don’t always show up right away. So, we have a camera that can see that bruising under the skin,” said Gann.

One in four women and one in seven men will be victims of some sort of domestic violent situation in their lives. You may currently know someone who is experiencing domestic violence and the crisis center has many resources to help.

But, there are things you can look for in someone you may be concerned about.

“A lot of times there will be nonphysical things that you can look for,” said Gann, “Keeping money from you, not letting you go places, or keeping an eye on your friends and who you’re hanging out with, really limiting your freedom. Because a lot of times it’s about control and power, and so that should really tip you off that something’s not quite right.”

That domestic violence 24-hour helpline number is (256)716-1000.