Crestwood Medical Center to offer two new chronic pain relief procedures

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala.-- It's hard to find relief from chronic pain, but Crestwood Medical Center is now offering two new procedures to patients in an effort to manage it. They will be the first to offer these procedures in Huntsville. One of them is called Cooled radio-frequency Treatment, or RF. I

"We're using radio-frequency which is a procedure that's been around for some time with a little twist on it, where we cool the tip of the needle to make a larger lesion," said Interventional Pain Specialist Dr. Michael Cosgrove.

Dr. Cosgrove is the one who will be performing these treatments. He said the larger lesions usually allow for longer pain relief.

"Typically patients could benefit from the RF treatment from ten to fourteen months, where as with the Cooled radio-frequency lesioning, you might see twelve to twenty-four months," he said.

The second treatment is called Dorsal Root Ganglion stimulation. While it's a long name, it could mean relief for low back pain, knee pain, or ankle pain.

"You can target more specifically to a regional area, and get good improvement without the patient feeling much," said Dr. Cosgrove.

These procedures are geared toward chronic pain patients, but also anyone who could benefit from it.

"The goal with any of these is certainly to improve quality of life, and one of our main goals too is to decrease opiate use and other medication used to help return a patient to as much function as possible," explained Dr. Cosgrove.

Dr. Cosgrove said both of these treatments are outpatient treatments, and minimally invasive. However, recovery time could take a while depending on which treatment you receive.