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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Police continue to investigate what they’re calling a murder-suicide involving a south Huntsville woman and her two children. Meanwhile, WHNT News 19 has learned Connie Henriksen Foster, 35, was working to adjust the custody arrangement with the children’s father.

Foster was found dead Monday along with her two children, Layla House, 10, and David House, 8. Their bodies were found inside their home at 11408 Crestfield Drive, located off of Mountain Gap Road.

Police have not said how the three died. There were no obvious signs of injury or visible wounds, officers said.

People who know the family say they are in shock. They say Foster deeply loved her children.

WHNT News 19 spoke with Aaron Ryan, Foster’s attorney who represented her in her custody battle with her ex-husband David House.

Ryan said the two were civil with each other and had some tension that you would expect with a divorced couple. Foster did want to change the custody agreement though.

Foster was asking for full custody because of David House’s work schedule, and because House also refused to take the children to church. He also failed to keep up with the children’s school activities and homework, Foster had claimed. It’s important to note that these are allegations made in the court documents, and had not been ruled on yet by a judge.

A friend of the children’s father tells WHNT News 19 that none of these allegations are true.

This is a developing story. WHNT News 19 will provide updates