Councilman Devyn Keith is optimistic of North Huntsville’s education future

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – 2016 was full of changes for the Huntsville City school system.

Especially those in North Huntsville–Johnson High School closed, allowing those students from Butler and Johnson call Mae Jemison High their new home. Also, two new faces were added to the city school board, with North Huntsville on their mind.

District 1 councilman, Devyn Keith, says he has an action plan in mind for North Huntsville in the realm of education, for 2017.

“We can do proactiveness better,” said Keith. “So goes the school system, so goes the community.”

Councilman Keith says North Huntsville has a “social connotation” wrapped around it. One of the big ticket items he will be focusing on in 2017 with help from the city school board, is how everyone can be more proactive instead of reactive.

“We need to see that you don’t get to an issue one year out,” said Keith. “You start to trend towards a decline in graduation rates, or a decline in reading proficiency. We need to assess those things early on.”

Although, one thing district 1 is doing well, Keith says, they have a powerhouse of teachers, faculty and staff committed to bettering the schools in the area. That includes the city, too.

“I think that right now there is a high, high commitment–maybe one I’ve never seen before–on the city side,” said Keith. “I think the city school board is doing a wonderful job of saying let’s get the resources to this community.”

Councilman Keith says he’s even open to hands on help.

“I truly believe there are things I can do, maybe mentoring, programming that I can be involved in going into 2017 that I’m just not aware of.”

Looking forward, more community meetings are planned for 2017 in regards to how everyone can be a part of improving schools in North Huntsville.