Congressman Mo Brooks expresses concerns on illegal immigration, deficits, and the Green New Deal

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — Over 700 people gathered at the Von Braun Center Monday afternoon to hear Congressman Mo Brooks give a legislative update.

The annual luncheon is a chance for Brooks to let people in the Fifth Congressional District know what’s happening in Washington and how that impacts North Alabama.

Brooks was in partisan politics mode as he spoke as an advocate for President Donald Trump, criticizing the president’s critics and those that resist his policies.

“This is truly a historic time, ” Brooks said. “We have President Trump, a rather unique presidential figure who’s been forced to endure an unrelenting, daily assault from the news media, and from his political rivals, the Democrats.”

Brooks again backed the president’s fight for stricter border security and underlined the costs he cited linked to illegal immigration.

“We’re talking about totally building a wall as a one-time expenditure for about $25 or $30 billion, versus this $116 billion a year in net tax losses,” he said.

Brooks attacked what he called Democrats’ fight for a “wealth tax” to improve the federal deficit.

“You can imagine long term how that’s going to depress economic activity, and deter the incentive for those of us who are the most successful, to go the extra mile and to work,” Brooks said.

The debate of the Green New Deal also came up. “I promise you, that if you reelect me to Congress, a decade from now we will still have electricity. Everybody wants that!”

Brooks said short term, North Alabama’s economy is about as good as it can get. Long term, we’re still heavily dependent on the federal government and the federal deficit and debt are long term threats as well.

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