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HUNTSVILLE, Ala.- COVID-19 testing… we’ve heard plenty of stories about the struggle of crowded waiting rooms… testing sites running out of tests… and long wait times, to name a few.

An Austin based company is now offering covid-19 tests “concierge-style” in Huntsville.

Huntsville Rapid Test was created by a father with immune compromised children and a man in the primary care business to protect those who are medically vulnerable.

“My business partner, Jared has two children that have basically…. it’s auto immune disease that if they come in contact with somebody even with the common cold for instance it could kill them and so he was very concerned obviously when COVID came,” says Huntsville Rapid Test Partner Thomas Moore.

Moore says Huntsville Rapid Test offers an alternative for those who are medically vulnerable, keeping them from having to go to a public place to get tested for COVID-19.

“In the old days doctors came to your home you know what to treat you and that’s really where he came up with the idea was to you know bring someone into the home,” says Moore.

With Huntsville Rapid Test, you just set an appointment and testing can be delivered to the location of your choice. Huntsville Rapid Test offers rapid antigen tests and PCR tests.

Moore says unfortunately right now, Huntsville Rapid Test doesn’t accept insurance and the test price is out of pocket.

For more information, visit the Huntsville Rapid Test website.