Commission sets new start date for Madison County noise ordinance

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MADISON COUNTY, Ala. — The Madison County Commission officially passed the long-awaited noise ordinance a couple weeks ago. Just two weeks later, the commission adopted revisions.

The effective date for the ordinance was originally set for December 1, 2019. The date is now pushed to January 15, 2020.

Chairman Dale Strong says the adjusted date was set so the commission can work out the kinks.

“We want to know who is going to be enforcing it, this noise ordinance,” Strong said. “We got to be sure that we have the appropriate equipment that is consistent, that if they say the decibels are X, that we truly know what those decibels are.”

The ordinance says noise exceeding 75 decibels after 11 p.m. can result in a Class C misdemeanor. Strong says the county is buying decibel meters to avoid any errors.

“You want to be sure that we’re consistent,” said Strong. “Definition of peace and quiet is different depending on who you talk to.”

The council also added an aviation exemption to the ordinance, making sure the county is in line with federal law.

“The big thing is to be fair to helicopters, airplanes, things of that nature,” said Strong.

Strong said the extra time before the ordinance goes into effect allows law enforcement to be in on the discussion.

“We are working with the sheriff, the chief deputies to say ‘look, this is a role of law enforcement,'” said Strong. “This is a state law that was written, and what we are doing is trying to get it so it can be carried out.”

This is Madison County’s first noise ordinance so the commission says they can take the time to amend and adjust it as needed.

If you have a concern or suggestion having to do with the ordinance, you can let the commissioner of your district know.