Commission sets new rules & regulations for Madison County Farmers Market



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MADISON COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) – After much upheaval over farmers market management issues and experiments with hours of operation, Madison County Commissioners have now approved a market board of directors and set rules and regulations.​

Commissioners made a pledge to reevaluate operations at the farmers market and when the first well-laid plans didn’t work out so well, they went back to the drawing board to make good on their promises.
“It’s extremely important that we have a farmer’s market that meets the needs of the community,” says Commissioner Bob Harrison.
Commissioners established rules and regulations for the market and also appointed a 7 member board of directors to help govern and oversee operations.
“We’re talking about every day citizens – the people who would be the visitors to the farmers market.”
Each commissioner had the opportunity to elect an appointee to the market board. Bob Harrison says the group is diverse, composed of folks from all over Madison County. Moreover, he says, they’re people who know the market and what’s best for its future.
“We had a period where we made some changes and those changes were not to the best benefit now we’re sort of backing up, regrouping and hopefully putting things in place so we can very positively move forward to make sure that things are done in the correct way.”​
The Madison County Farmers Market on Cook Avenue in Huntsville will be open on Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays through September.

Madison County Farmers Market Board

The mission of the Madison County Farmers Market is to provide a venue where local farmers come together to provide a variety of fresh produce and related products directly to the citizens of Madison County. The market encourages direct communication between consumers and growers, fosters social gathering and community building, and promotes nutritious food choices.

The Madison County Farmers Market Board was founded to pursue the following goals:

 -To serve has an advisory board to the Madison County Commission.

-To promote the sale of Madison County area-grown farm products.

-To review the Market rules to ensure the market is fair, safe, and equitable to the consumers and sellers

-To serve as an appeal board for Tenants who have received disciplinary actions. 

 Duties of the Board shall be:

– Selection of a Chairperson

– Selection of a Board Secretary

 Terms of these positions can be established by the Board.  Minutes and a roll call should be taken at each board meeting by the Secretary. All minutes should be submitted to the Commission in a timely manner.  Recommendations to be given to the Commission should be voted on by the board.  All approved recommendations should be sent to the County Commission in writing.

The meeting schedule is to be provided to the Commission along with an agreed upon procedure for conducting board meetings.  All actions and recommendations by the Board shall be by a majority vote of the board.  Quorum of the board shall exist when four members are present.

Meeting locations for the Board can be made available at a variety of locations in Madison County owned buildings during normal business hours.  The Board may select a location of their choosing outside of business hours.

Board and Market Manager shall conduct a pre-season meeting with farmers, sellers and interested parties to go over Market rules, collect copies of growers’ permits and listen to suggestions.

The expectation of the County Commission is that this Board operates with fairness, honesty, integrity and respect for all members.  Contributions of the board members should not be taken lightly and all decisions are made with consideration with equal impact of all members of the Board.

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