(WHNT) – We’ve seen many North Alabama natives rise to mainstream success in several different mediums. Cully Hamner, the co-creator of one of DC’s hottest characters right now, is one of those natives.

Hamner, who grew up in Morgan City, has worked for DC Comics on and off for 30 years. Some notable works he has contributed to include, the “Detective Comics,” the “Spider-Man Unlimited” anthology and “Red,” which inspired the 2010 action comedy movie starring Bruce Willis.

In 2006, DC Comics was doing a big crossover event called “Infinite Crisis.” That’s when Jaime Reyes, the third iteration of the superhero Blue Beetle, came to life.

“The first thing I saw was… a Mexican-American kid. I think he needed to have something that reflected his culture a little bit,” Hamner told News 19. “So the mask that I came up with has kind of a luchador influence. And I wanted something that felt a little bit more — you know, for lack of a better term — beetle-ish.”

Jaime, a teenager from a large family in El Paso, is the most recent iteration of the nearly 85-year-old character. He has been a member of teams like the Justice League and the Teen Titans, as well as a lone adventurer.

Currently, you can catch Jaime at the box office. The DCU’s live-action movie “Blue Beetle” has soared, becoming the first film to dethrone “Barbie.”

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But what are Hamner’s thoughts on the movie?

“Oh! The movie’s great,” he said. “I loved the movie. I’ve seen it probably three times at this point.”

Hamner says that one of his favorite things since Jaime’s creation is the number of children and families that tell him how they feel represented and affected by Jaime. “The best feeling in the world is somebody tells you this character affected them, and they want to share it with their kids.”

He and writer Greg Rucka are currently working on a creator-owned series for Image Comics. The series should be announced in a few months.