Columbia High School parent angry with repeated violence between students


HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — A Columbia High School parent is calling on district leadership to take action against what he claims is persistent street-style fighting inside places of learning.

“Every single day, I guess probably since the school year started, there have probably been over 40 fights,” the dad said.

The father, who didn’t want to show his face to protect his child at Columbia, said he has watched cell phone video almost every day on social media.

“(There is) fighting, pulling hair, kicking. I’ve seen one young lady, just in the last week, kicked another girl in the face. Most times I even refuse to look at the video. And I also recommend to my daughter to not look. But I believe that somebody has to look in order to address it.”

But he says the campus didn’t always have this issue.

“My son graduated from Columbia in 2011, and this was not the atmosphere. It was known as one of the best schools in Huntsville. And in a decade that has changed.”

Huntsville City Schools issued a statement to News 19, saying:

“Columbia high school is aware of a social media trend involving students engaging in physical altercations. This type of behavior is not acceptable, and students involved in these incidents will face appropriate disciplinary action in accordance with the district’s behavioral learning guide.”

The father said he’s now planning to confront the district board of education to effectively prevent future incidents, saying more has to be done to limit cell phone use from students who glorify the fighting.

“I think it’s far past time for intervention,” he said. “The school board needs to act now, you know, before someone is seriously hurt or injured or even killed on their watch.”

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