HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – After a dramatically quick end to Marjorie ‘Nikki’ Cappello’s criminal trial on Thursday, one Huntsville attorney is ready to move forward with a pending civil lawsuit.

Will League filed suit almost two years ago in an effort to collect compensation for the Cappellos’ child.

But the criminal trial experienced some delays, and civil proceedings can’t move forward until the criminal case concludes.

Throughout this case, the two names heard most often were Nikki and Jim Cappello, but the two also shared a young daughter, Riley, who has effectively lost both of her parents after her mother’s murder conviction.

Huntsville civil attorney Will League said he wants to ensure the little girl is well-taken care of.

“Any proceeds we recover from Nikki or any other defendant who was negligent in this matter, all those proceeds would go to help Riley, his child, which he would want,” League said. “Whether it be college, or trying to provide some type of support because again she’s lost her father. When you think about it, what’s the value of a father?”

League is not only suing Nikki Cappello on behalf of her daughter, but also the healthcare facility where Nikki allegedly stole the insulin used to kill her husband. The lawsuit says Nikki was working as a nurse at North Alabama Specialty Hospital in Athens at the time of her husband’s death in September 2018.

The documents go on to claim the hospital did not correctly monitor Cappello, allowing her to mishandle and ultimately steal medications.

In the criminal case, Nikki had a right not to testify as to what took place at the time of her husband’s death. In this civil case, she won’t have that same right. League said he plans to ask her why and how all of this took place.

He hopes to get the truth out of her.