City skyline changes with hospital expansion project

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. -- As the new year unfolds, a seven-story addition to the Huntsville skyline will continue rising above the downtown campus of Huntsville Hospital. It's the largest project for the campus in nearly four decades.

Huntsville Hospital is the second-largest hospital in the state. It's busy, it's also very, very full.

"Because we're full many, many days, it's hard to go back and renovate old space and bring it back up to the standard we'd like," said Huntsville Hospital CEO David Spillers.

The Huntsville campus is expanding upward with a 380,000 square foot Orthopedic and Spine Tower. The expansion is needed to match the growth of our region, and moving orthopedics to the new tower will free up more hospital beds in the main building.

"This is going to give us the capacity to go back and renovate old rooms and bring the entire hospital up to the level of facilities we'd like to see," Spillers said. "Seventy-two additional beds is a lot of beds, 24 OR's is a lot of new operating rooms," Spillers said.

Construction will move quickly in the new year-- building completion is predicted for summer of 2020, and medical staff hopes to move in sometime in the spring of 2021.

As soon as this project is completed the Huntsville Hospital Health System has plans to build a new bed tower at the Madison campus, all part of the plan to grow as the community grows.