City passes resolution to ‘evaluate’ Joe Davis Stadium

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - The future of Joe Davis Stadium has been revisited, and forgotten, time after time.

But as part of the effort to revitalize south Huntsville, the stadium's future is being considered once more.

The Huntsville City Council passed a resolution in mid-June calling for the city to do an assessment of the 10,000-seat stadium named after Huntsville's former long-time mayor. The assessment is to determine its viability, either for athletic usage, or something completely different.

“I think it’s time now that we revisit the stadium in an attempt to see what it is we can salvage, if possible, or what other purpose it could be used for," said City Councilman Will Culver.

The stadium has been sitting untouched for almost five years now. After decades of its use as a venue for baseball and football, the city wants to consider every option.

"We don’t want it to continue to just sit here unutilized," Culver said.

Brainstorming has included downsizing the stadium for use by city and school sports, making it an indoor sports venue, or of course, just tearing it down to build something else.

"We want to entertain all of the possibilities," Culver said. "I think we should measure ten times and cut once."

The stadium already has severe structural, plumbing, and electrical issues, which will all be considered before tax payers’ dollars are spent.

The assessment will take place over the next couple of months and will tentatively be presented to the city at the August 22nd council meeting.