City OKs multi-million dollar Hays Farms development agreement

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - City leaders said 'yes' to a multi-million dollar development in south Huntsville Thursday evening.

The Hays Farms Village Proposal would annex just over 400 acres along Haysland Road behind Grissom High School for the company Hylis to build retail, office space, and 200 new homes.

Of that land, the city would build around a nine-acre park.

"That's why we drafted the development agreement to where that performance must occur before the city performs anything," said Shane Davis of Huntsville Urban Development. "So we've written it to protect us as much as we can."

"This is a generational return," said Mayor Tommy Battle. "Year after year, we'll have a generational return back. That community builds up. It builds up our city. When one section of our city succeeds, every section of our city succeeds."

The agreement calls for half of the work to be finished within five years, with nearly $2 million in penalty payments if the benchmarks aren't met.