City approves longer running schedule for shuttle buses

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. –  The City of Huntsville’s shuttle service is about to make a couple of changes starting July 1.

Director of Parking and Public Transportation, Tommy Brown, said the change calls for an increase in resources. “We’ve had requests from the public for it for many, many years to expand services, to operate on Saturday.”

But not only are the shuttles going to be running two hours longer.

“Our second highest request was to operate later hours,” explained Brown. “So that folks who go to work and maybe get off at seven, eight, nine o’clock can ride the system to get home.”

The department says the change will take additional resources.

“It requires more people, it requires managers on the weekends,” added Brown.  “Things that we don’t have, so it required us to hire some additional people. It required us to have a couple of additional managers to take us later in the evening and on Saturday and quite a number of bus drivers.”

The department of transportation says both the city council and Mayor Tommy Battle were on board with the changes.

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