Church Street project construction causes concern

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – The City of Huntsville is working on another road project. The $15.7 million project on Church Street will widen and realign one mile of Church Street from a two-lane road into 5 and 4 lanes. This will begin at Monroe Street in downtown Huntsville and continue north to Pratt Avenue at Hundley Street.

The Church Street project will also realign Pratt Avenue to straighten out the “S” curve. Sidewalks are included in this road project, designed to enhance and improve this major roadway into the downtown area.

According to the city website, Reed Contracting Services, Inc. began work in November 2018 on phase one of the Church Street project.

The addition of orange cones and closing of certain lanes has residents a little bothered. “I’m not really happy about it. So when I saw this two days ago, I was like ‘Great, another main vein that’s going to be clogged up,'” says David Cone.

Although Cone is not happy about the construction, he does think its necessary. “Huntsville’s going to be the number one city in the state population wise and we need the infrastructure. I think we’re behind on that 15 to 20 years here.”

He says he just doesn’t understand the method behind the madness. “I was confused that they turned the two-lane into a two way. You know that’s going to be problematic.”

Norman Irvy says the construction at the intersection of Church Street and University Avenue is a recipe for a wreck, and the cones don’t help either.

“I’ve seen a couple people hit them. I guess it’s helping the workers but it’s not helping the cars,” says Irvy.

The project was bid in July of 2018 and will be funded by local and state entities. The construction is expected to last 12-15 months.

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