Church street businesses prepare for 90-day road closure

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – In about two weeks, the City of Huntsville plans to close a portion of Church Street to reconstruct a bridge.

Nearby business owners said they knew this was coming.

“We’ll send out emails and texts to let them know that they have to come through downtown to get to our salon,” said Scott McCarley owner of Dominion Salon and Spa.

“We have definitely already begun the social media outreach, and little maps in the dining room so that guests will know how to find us at the end of the month,” explained Cynthia Hart, owner of Cyn Shea’s Cafe.

“As soon as we knew some road construction and closures were going to happen we created an email blast that went out to our wine club as well as everyone on our email list,” added Stephanie Kennedy-Mell, owner of Church Street Wine Shoppe.

(Image provided by City of Huntsville)

Since part of the bumpy road is set to be closed for three months, McCarley said he’s most worried about customers who aren’t familiar with alternate routes.

“People don’t know downtown like the people that work here,” he said.

“Will some people say, ‘hey I was just on a whim go down there and now the road’s closed?’ They’d have to be on University to truly be impacted,” added Kennedy-Mell. “If they’re downtown its not a problem.”

Hart said the closure is bittersweet. “It’s exciting in one hand and its a little nerve-wracking on the other hand to know that.”

But it’s a part of making the city better.

“With growth comes construction. I think that with the growth of downtown that most of them are just willing to deal with it for the benefit,” explained Kennedy-Mell.

“Ultimately, its good for the city, its going to create a stronger traffic flow right by here,” said Hart.

“Hopefully it will be quicker than three months,” added McCarley.

“I think, all in all, I’m hoping we should be fine,” said Kennedy-Mell.

The road is expected to re-open by the end of August.

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