Church group, students team up to donate free food and goods to Huntsville community

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Fellowship of Faith Church held a food distribution Monday to give free food to those who need it in Huntsville.

Behind Jemison High School on Monday, a long line of tables formed behind three U-Haul trucks. Students dressed in sports uniforms met volunteers who assembled boxes and bags. And the community members came to get the blessings Pastor Troy Garner of Fellowship of Faith Church said were free, to those who want and need them.

“We do this on a weekly basis, but today we decided to do it at Jemison [High School] and McNair [Junior High School] to be a blessing to those families for back to school,” he stated. “”We have three huge U-Haul trucks full of food. One truck full of meat, another full of produce, and another full of incidentals like Pampers and water.”

It was a hot day, but the volunteers didn’t seem to mind.

“We’ve been through this all summer. It’s been hot. We just want to give back to our community,” said Desmond Pearson, a Jemison senior who has been through football training in this same weather. “One lady was talking to me about how I really helped her and stuff. She told me thank you. It actually made me happy.”

Pearson said already, they are learning something on the first day of school. But in this case, it’s happening outside the walls and strengthening the bonds between himself and his teammates.

“It teaches us how to work together, how to give back, how to help each other. Help other people,” he commented.

Box after box, bag after bag, were handed out to those who came to get them. Garner said it’s all about showing the community who is there for them.

“You want the community to know we love them and we care,” he said. “We also want the students to know that, hey, this church is here. This pastor is here. They really care about us. They want us to do well.”

He said he knows that students need nourishment not just in the mind, but in the body. They invited all the students and their families, plus the community. That’s potentially hundreds of families who came out.

“It’s definitely hard to do homework on an empty stomach,” he said. “For these families, to give them that spur, that boost, the help. It helps. We have had people call the church, visit the church, to see how we can help them even further.  That’s what we are here to do.”

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