Christ-based life recovery program changes lives

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - The Downtown Rescue Mission is known for feeding the hungry and housing the homeless, but they offer more than that.

Many searching for life-change from alcoholism, drug addiction, or emotional, mental, and physical abuse join the Life Recovery Program.

The Mission describes the program as using "a Christ-centered approach to helping men and women 18 and over resolve addiction and other life issues."

Delora McIntire was part of the program from October 2018 to October 2019.

"I had a God-sized hole in me that I spent my entire life putting things in that weren't designed to fit," says McIntire. "So I just filled it with the Word and started walking it out."

McIntire says her life completely changed in the span of just one year... In October 2018, she joined the Life Recovery Program, and by 2019, she graduated. The Downtown Rescue Mission hired her on part-time -- and now she works in a full-time position.

The Downtown Rescue Missions' website lists four steps in the recovery process:

  1. Learn the Gospel
    Our main goal in the first step is to introduce our clients to the gospel in the “Gospel of John” class and the fundamental doctrines of our faith in the “Christian Beliefs” class.
  2. Intimate Relationship
    In the second step, we focus on having an intimate relationship with Christ. This is achieved through three spiritual disciplines; worship, prayer, and the study of scripture.
  3. Follow Christ
    In the third step, we focus on applying the gospel message to our past and present lives through practical steps.
  4. Example of Christ
    The fourth step is a recap of gospel truth. We never graduate from the gospel. We want our clients to know that this message is which they received, in which they stand, and by which they are being saved. (1 Corinthians 15:1-2)

"We teach them bible skills, finance skills, job skills," says Tonia Camardella, the Director of Events and Business Partnerships. "We work with them with whatever issues they had to resolve those so that when they're finished with the program, they're ready to go out and really make a difference for themselves."

McIntire says she likes being on the other side of the program, helping others. "Somewhere along the way, somebody had to help me to show me the way," says McIntire. "So it's my job to help others and show them the way."

McIntire is just one changed life, now changing the lives of others.

"God uses broken people like me... to help broken people."

For more information on the 12-month recovery programs, please contact Adam Casey, Director of Men’s Program at (256) 536-2441, ext. 356, or Cara Henderson, Director of Women’s Program, at (256) 536-2441, ext. 304.