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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – Redstone Arsenal confirmed the source of Tuesday’s mystery radar blob to be a test conducted by military officials.

In a press release, Restone Arsenal stated,

“During these tests RR-188 (chaff) was dropped from aircraft. This chaff showed as an anomaly on local weather screens as weather conditions caused it to linger longer than normal.

This substance is commonly used by the military in training and testing operations.

There are no known environmental effects caused by RR-188.”

Academics at UAH theorized that the blob was cause by chaff due to the unusual radar behavior and the presence of fiberglass strands found in various locations in Huntsville.

The fiberglass found is highly reflective, which accounts for the high reflectivity that showed up on weather radars.  The military often deploys chaff to confuse radars in combat situations.  For example, chaff would be deployed to confuse a radar guided missile.

Earlier this week, Redstone Arsenal issued a statement that could neither confirm nor deny their involvement in the mystery blob.