Celebrate Independence Day during benefit event at Ditto Landing

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – We are less than two weeks away from the 4th of July and if you`re looking for a place to celebrate at then maybe Ditto Landing is the place for you. They will be hosting an Independence Day celebration on Sunday, July 1st.

“We are going to celebrate Independence Day and honor those who have served us in the past and in the future,” Ditto Landing`s Executive Director Brandi Quick explained.

A ticket to get in will cost $15, with proceeds going to benefit Combats Veterans Motorcycle Association and to repair Aldridge Creek Bridge. “We are working to create a greenway that goes from Ditto Landing to the west and the access point to that bridge in the Aldridge Creek Bridge. It needs a little work,” Quick explained.

The one-way bridge was deeded to Ditto Landing several years back and the plan has always been to create a greenway. “It`s going to be about $60,000 to do the bridge repair and then in addition to that; as the grant money comes in we will be working to build the trail as well,” Quick said.

The bridge will only be open to pedestrians and bikes. Ditto Landing`s Executive Director Brandi Quick said it`s historical and they want to take advantage of it. It won`t be ready by the celebration, but Quick promises the festivities will be a good time.

“The public continues to ask for fireworks at Ditto and we thought well this is the perfect year to bring that back. It`s a lot bigger than we`ve done in the past,” Quick said.

The fireworks will be set off over the river. For more information click here.