Cecil Ashburn Drive road construction on track for two lanes to reopen

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala.- Seven months down, at least two more to go until drivers can access Cecil Ashburn drive in Huntsville. Crews are continuing to make headway on the road that connects Jones Valley and Hampton Cove.

Kelly Schrimsher with the City of Huntsville says workers are on schedule to reopen two lanes of Cecil Ashburn to traffic in October.

“The mayor made it clear in the very the beginning that he wanted it on time, on schedule, as fast as possible. because it is a big inconvenience for the commuters that are coming in not just from over the mountain but from Marshall County and Jackson County,” says Kelly Schrimsher.

Schrimsher says the closure was smoother than expected.

“The whole Cecil Ashburn closure while terribly inconvenient, we know this for motorists. by enlarging it went incredibly well. we were shocked at how smooth it was,” says Schrimsher.

While people have adapted, she says they can look forward to lanes opening in less than two months.

“Governors has taken the brunt of it and i know everyone will be thrilled when governors will have a release valve. I think the traffic that we are seeing on all these alternate routes shows the incredible need for the four-lane on Cecil,” says Schrimsher.

The city has created a webpage to help citizens navigate construction across the city.

“We know that people have a lot of questions. every single major road project is listed. we update those pages every single month with our engineering departments so that the residents can stay in the loop and understand what is happening on their roadways,” says Schrimsher.

While two lanes are expected to open in October, the project isn’t set to be fully completed until May 2020.

City officials say they have more road construction happening now than any other time in history. Over a 10 year period, the city is spending one billion dollars on roads.

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