Cecil Ashburn detour route causes concern for drivers

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – The shut down of Cecil Ashburn Drive has caused people to look for alternate routes, and some of those streets are not normally well traveled.

Parkhill Road is a residential street that connects Governors Drive and Big Cove. WHNT received phone calls and messages on social media with concerns about a steep drop off in the area so we reached out to the Alabama Department of Transportation to get answers.

“We certainly understand the public concern just sort of based on the perception of it but what a lot of people might not realize is this really isn’t something new. It’s been there for a long long time,” says Seth Burkett with the Alabama Department of Transportation.

Some of the ground on the shoulder has washed away causing concern. ALDOT says they are aware of the issue.

“It’s something that we’ve looked at and we think we can address to some extent. We’re going to make some repairs out there to try to build up that slope a little bit and to seal the cracks on the turn lane.”

Burkett says there is less vegetation covering the area, making it more noticeable to drivers than in the past.

“I just kind of want to reassure the public that the road is not compromised. This has been like this for quite some time,” says Burkett.

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