Caught on camera: Thief grabs packages left on doorstep just minutes before


package thief

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – A thief grabbed some packages containing valuable medicine from a home in south Huntsville on Wednesday. The homeowner, who is an employee of WHNT News 19, says the man struck just four minutes after the delivery driver left the boxes.

In the surveillance video, you can see a white car pull up to the curb, a man get out, and then walk away with the packages containing valuable medication.

Shane Hays is the homeowner. He filed a report with Huntsville Police over the stolen delivery. Hays says the officer taking the report told him they are investigating several incidents similar to this.

So the question is, what do you do when you have items shipped to your house?

If you know you won’t be home, you can look into rescheduling or rerouting the package to a new address. That can ensure you take position of the delivery.

You could also purchase a lock box. There are several different types and sizes available to purchase. You can give your delivery company a code that will allow them to unlock the box for delivery.

You can also ask a neighbor to keep an eye out, or even ask them to grab the box until you get home.

Hays posted videos to his facebook page in a public post. He asks anyone who is willing to share the post to help police locate the man who took his packages.

Please call Huntsville Police if you know anything about the theft caught on camera.

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