Car crashes into Huntsville house, resident asks for guardrail

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — A vehicle crashed into a house Friday morning. The resident is asking the city for a guardrail to be put up because this is not the first time a car has rode through their fence and into their yard.

A driver went through the stop sign, drove through the fence, and rode down the hill until being stopped by the house at 264 Bell Factory Road in Huntsville.

Bobby Johnson, a resident of the house, says he knows of nine different times that people have driven into his yard.

Because of this reoccurring theme, several precautions have been put up including a reflective sign, rumble strips at the top of the hill, a “Stop Ahead” sign, and the speed limit has been lowered to 35 miles an hour, according to District 1 County Commissioner Roger Jones.

Jones also adds that in the last month, the city put up a flashing stop sign that flashes as you approach it.

When asked Johnson if he thinks the precautions have helped… he says, “No ma’am,” and asks for one thing: “I’d like to see a rail.”

WHNT News 19 took action and brought County Commissioner Jones to the problem.

“If I thought a guard rail would protect, I’d certainly be willing to put one up,” says Jones. “But a head-on into a guard rail… you’re just going to go right through it.”

“It might not completely stop the car but it would stop it enough to wake her up,” says Johnson.

Jones says he will get his engineer involved, again, to come up with additional precautions at the intersection of Steakly Road and Bell Factory Road to keep this from happening again.

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