Cancer survivor gives Lamborghini rides to cancer patients


HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – It’s not common to get a ride in a Lamborghini, but some patients at Crestwood Medical Center got just that on June 17th.

Cancer survivor Brian Land says 12 years ago while he was in the hospital battling cancer he decided if he ever got enough money he would buy an exotic car to take cancer patients out on rides.

Land is partnering with “Smile A While, Inc.”, working to give cancer patients at Clearview Cancer Institute at Crestwood Medical something to smile about.

Stephen Zipfel, a cancer survivor, said, “You don’t have to wait for the hard times to be over to be happy, so I think being happy and being positive through this whole thing goes a long ways to know your recovery and feeling better all the way around.”

Land says that’s exactly what this is for. “I know the hard times when you’re sad and down and you just want something to take your mind off it and just to smile and be happy just for a little bit.”

He says the goal is to go one one ride a week from now on. Patients on the ride will get a model car and t-shirt along with the ride.

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