Cameras hope to crack down crime in northwest Huntsville

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — Through a team effort between the Huntsville Police Department and the City Council they are working together to cut down on crime.

Northwest Huntsville is being used as a trial run for new cameras. The new tools will be able to watch areas officers can’t patrol all the time.

It`s just a trial run, but Councilman Devyn Keith said these cameras are something the people wanted.

“This neighborhood, in particular, said we would love to have the response time of the police to decrease if they had an opportunity to know how the perpetrators look. We have cut down on the speculation by bringing cameras to the neighborhood,” Keith said.

One of the cameras sits on Sonya Drive. Councilman Keith said this neighborhood has a problem with burglaries.

He said the camera is just one of many scattered through northwest Huntsville.

“They do 3 to 4 different things some triangulate gunshots, others just give you a true view. Others are tag readers,” the Councilman said.

Keith said these cameras aren`t anything new they are just new for Huntsville.

He added it gives officers another tool to keep crime from happening.

“Think of this as a taser or another gun or a vest. We see this technology as increasing the resources for the police department who do what they do every day very well,” the Councilman said.

Keith said the cameras are bought through the police budget. He noted most neighborhoods don`t mind, but he`s heard the complaints: like big brother is watching you.

“This is for investigators in the police department to assist habits, to assist people, and areas to decrease crime,” Councilman Keith said.

He said some cameras are seen easily unlike others.

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