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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — A local college student is graduating in May but won’t be celebrating in the typical way, she will be in surgery, donating an organ!

“They called me and said you are Deanna’s donor,” said Jenna Mize, “and we will do surgery June 20th.” She’s giving her biggest kidney to her friend.

Deanna is 18 years old and was diagnosed with kidney failure about a year ago. In December, she was put on dialysis. When her family posted on Facebook looking for donors, Jenna initially didn’t think much about it.

“I’m in nursing school, I’m about to graduate, I’m about to get a job, like this just isn’t the timing,” said Mize.

Until she began praying for her friend.

“Almost instantly, I just felt this voice, ‘You need to fill out the application.’ I just knew right then, before I even filled it out, that I was going to be her match.”

After her initial application was approved, she had to go down to Florida for more testing, and was able to surprise Deanna.

“I tapped her shoulder and she turned around and she just started sobbing.”

When Jenna was completely cleared, she FaceTimed Deanna to tell her the big news with a picture of her kidneys and a sign that read, “I love you with all of my left kidney.”

Jenna says some people initially thought she was crazy, but she has zero regrets.

“I just know 100% that this is what I’m supposed to be doing. What I’ve just learned constantly throughout this whole process is that it’s God’s timing and this is what he wanted and more than anything. It’s bringing her life back.”

The medical bills for Jenna’s procedure are being covered by insurance, but travel expenses are not covered. The family has put up a GoFundMe account for anyone feeling led to help financially. Any donations raised above the goal will be donated to Deanna’s medical bills.