Calhoun Community College assists students financially amid pandemic


HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — Calhoun Community College is offering a free tuition scholarship to help students save money while still attending classes.

Students attending college classes are not immune from financial strain, especially in the middle of a pandemic.

Dr. Joe Burke, the Interim President of Calhoun Community College, says they are offering a buy one, get one VISION scholarship which will provide students half-off tuition. He also announced that the college is waving the Pell grant requirement for the spring semester.

In a press release, Calhoun explained the VISION scholarship in detail:

The pandemic has impacted students and their families in ways that may have disrupted saving and planning for college. The VISION Scholarship is the perfect opportunity to help those students get started, complete their degree, or get back on track. It is open to new students, current students as well as high school students participating in Calhoun’s Dual Enrollment Program. The scholarship will allow eligible students to receive up to an additional 9-credit hours tuition-free of charge.

Dr. Burke says the amount of student requests for assistance has gone up throughout the past year and credits that to the financial burden caused by the pandemic.

At the end of last week, Calhoun awarded more than $1.8 million in scholarships for this semester, which was given to 2,735 students.

Mark Nuncio is a Warhawk Ambassador Recruiting Officer at the college. He also has an academic scholarship.

“Calhoun tuition is about $4,000 and this scholarship basically cut it down to $2,000 so I can spend the other on books and everything, or any other stuff I need for my classes,” said Nuncio. He goes on to say that different people can apply for the different scholarships that the college offers.

Besides scholarships, the Interim President says the college has other resources for students who are struggling financially.

“The student emergency fund and we have helped many students with things as far as food, we have a food pantry here,” said Dr. Burke. “We have helped them with rent, utilities, childcare, even car repairs.”

To apply for the VISION scholarship, visit Calhoun’s website. They have waived the FAFSA requirement for students applying.

As of right now, the special VISION scholarship opportunity is only available this spring semester, but they are holding a “mini semester” starting March 8, so it’s not too late to sign up for spring classes.

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