Butler Terrace residents have problems with AC units

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Several people living in properties that belong to the Huntsville Housing Authority have been reaching out to WHNT News 19 complaining about many things, including not having proper running AC.

Recently they`ve replaced equipment at Northwoods Housing Development through a program, but they`re several other HHA properties where equipment doesn’t work.

Crystal King, Alicia Henson, and Kavitha McNeal have a few things in common. They all have young children, they live at Butler Terrace, and have problems in their AC unit.

King`s AC unit doesn`t work. They came to fix it, but she said it stopped working a few days later.

“How much responsibility is that on Huntsville Utilities for the HVAC systems to be working on the property?”WHNT News 19’s Aaron Cantrell asked Huntsville Utilities spokesperson Joe Gehrdes.

“None, that`s Huntsville Housing Authority managed property. Once it`s behind the meter, we don`t get involved, so if there are appliances not working we don`t have any interaction there,” Gehrdes said.

The Huntsville Housing Authority’s sample lease reads “The landlord agrees to make necessary repairs to the premises”.

All three woman said they constantly place work orders.

“It takes years just for them to see that one work order,” Kavitha McNeal said.

“She was like, ‘they don`t have enough help.’ Their job is to make sure we have air,” Crystal King said.

“My air upstairs and downstairs leaks terribly. It doesn`t push out air likes it`s supposed to,” Alicia Henson said.

“What that indicates is the unit isn`t functioning properly. Potentially, it could be running more which would make your bill go up. If it`s leaking water, you probably have a clogged condensate line,” Gehrdes explained.

Henson said HHA’s actions are shameful and sad.

“Shouldn`t it be your responsibly that these woman and children are living properly,” Henson said.

Recently, HHA partnered with TVA and Huntsville Utilities through the “Uplift Program” to install new HVAC equipment at Northwoods.

When WHNT News 19’s Aaron Cantrell asked the Huntsville Housing Authority a series of questions including if they are looking at any more grant options, they had no comment.

Gehrdes said the “Uplift Program” may lead to more grant opportunities down the road.

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